D3D_RegisterK2Model(): CreateVertexBuffer failed
Posted by on 14 August 2013 04:39 PM

D3D_RegisterK2Model(): CreateVertexBuffer failed errors occur largely for the same reasons as Truncated block crashes. However, they can also be caused by buggy graphics drivers or failing hardware.


  1. Update your graphics drivers
  2. Disable UAC, all antivirus software, and make sure HoN is running as Administrator.
  3. Disable UAC and all antivirus software, then uninstall HoN, delete the Documents\Heroes of Newerth and Program Files\Heroes of Newerth directory, then reinstall HoN using the latest installer.
  4. If you only get this error after patching and have tried the above solutions, check your console.log for errors. If you need help fixing the error, post on the Tech Support Forums.
  5. If nothing else has worked, there's a good chance that something is seriously wrong with your windows installation or your hard drive, ram, or graphics card is failing. Reinstall windows, run memtest, and check the S.M.A.R.T. for your hard drive.

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