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Tech Support can not give support on modded game files. We ask that a user uninstall their mods, try using Heroes of Newerth without them and if the problem persists upload a console.log and crash.dmp from a clean unmodded game.

1) Open your console (CTRL+F8)

2) Type in the following (copy paste it to be safe):
SetSave http_printDebugInfo 1
SetSave php_printDebugInfo 1

3) FlushLogs

Then restart HoN and let it error, then submit the console log.

When mods are installed the origin of an issue can be the mod or the game client. When a user uninstalls their mods, it removes all the unneeded variable so our technicians can easily find an issue if one exists. Mods are created by regular community members and not Staff, and this may cause confusion when attempting to resolve your issue.

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